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​Son Mas, is a farm that has an area of 44 ha located in the municipality of Esporles, where you can enjoy a protected natural area in the Serra de Tramuntana (World Heritage).

The farm is open for hiking and cycling (BTT). During the tour you will be able to see iconic buildings and a unique natural landscape.

It is a perfect excursion for the whole family and friends. An easy route marked of about 1 hour tour.

And for those who want to walk more and have a full day, Son Mas, is an ideal place to finish your Esporles tour or Tramuntana routes and snack or dine at the fountaine of Son Mas.



This project was born thanks to the constant efforts of three sisters Mariana, Aina and Maria Antonia, to recover, preserve and maintain this property. Son Mas is currently in a recovery process and is important for anyone who wants to make the excursions to respect the environment and be aware because it's in a protected area and we need to continue protecting.

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