Route Son Mas 

The route starts and end at the country house.
It can be done in two different ways (walking and cycling)
The total distance is 3 miles, with an elevation of 144 m.
The entire route is signposted.

The route go through mountain road where you can see

Son Mas country house and garden:

This building dates since 1847 and has a total area of 1.532,56 m2 distributed over three rectangular floors. The main facade looks towards the Northeast and back toward the Southwest.

The windows are located along the main facade and overlook the main garden

Son Mas church and garden:

This building dates from 1878 and has a total area of ​​245 m2, surrounded by 320 m2 of garden. Accessed by a staircase that comes from the main courtyard. Some old wrought iron gates separating the church from the courtyard of the house. The building is characterized by a separate enclosure of the main house, being a self-built, and the charm of its gardens formed by tall cypresses, a dovecote, a cave and a statue of Ramon Llull preceding the entry church.


Fountain, "water reservoir" and grotto:

These buildings are within 300 m of the whole house and the church. It consists of a source that collects water from the mountains, which is conducted to a first  "water reservoir " 577 m3 with capacity and east to a second of 7866 m3.

Here, in the fountain is where you will eat or take a snack sat on the stone table under a large holm oak and watch the beautiful scenery.

Just above the fountain is the second grotto of Son Mas.

Once we have passed the fountain, continue the road to the mountain, following the signs. The route goes along the main trail that crosses the mountain farm. During this part of the itinerary you can see the olive terraces, the pine forest and the magnificent view of the village of Esporles.

After reaching the top of the farm, it's start the way back. The route passes through mountain road surrounded by pine trees in the beginning, to end on a road down filled with holm oaks  till the fountain.

Throughout the route is easy to find sheep and donkeys grazing on the mountain.

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